Publications on Information Status


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  • PDFE. Krahmer & M. Swerts. More about brows, a cross-linguistic study via analysis-by-synthesis. Draft, to be published in a book on empirical evaluation of Embodied Conversational Agents, edited by C. Pelachaud & Zs. Ruttkay, Sceduled for March 2004.

  • PDFE. Krahmer, Zs. Ruttkay, M. Swerts & W. Wesselink. Pitch, Eyebrows and the Perception of Focus. In: Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2002, Aix en Province, France, April 2002.

  • PDFE. Krahmer, Zs. Ruttkay, M. Swerts & W. Wesselink. Audiovisual Cues to Prominence. In: Proceedings ICSLP, Denver, 2002.

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  • Prominence
    Iris Boshouwers


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